Hello, my name is Jose Castillo and welcome to my blog. I attend Florida International University and I enjoy CrossFit and EDM +21 Instagram:@jcast335

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    Someone figure out how to make a pizza out of this stuff so we can have it all.

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    Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Wholegrain Chips…RECIPE

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    Invitation to an Area night club party. The capsule was placed in water and the invitation appeared. Area was open from 1983 to 1987

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    We’re almost home.

    Take me home 

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  • Back to school special 📝💪📚

    Have you been wanting to try CrossFit Homestead? Here’s your chance. $80 for your first month of CrossFit. This deal will last 36 hours, new clients only.

    For more information email: jcast335@fiu.edu

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